Nana's Raft
Updated: 4/20/2020
Nana's Raft
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  • Yoyo had a problem.There was only one week before Nana’s birthday, and Yoyo still has no idea whatcan buy for her. Nana has already everything, so Yoyo thought during the twodays about what can buy for her. She realized Nana spends most of her time athome. Suddenly, instead of getting something, she decided to prepare somethingfor her. She will build a raft to spend a good time in the sunny weather. 
  • Yoyo has never built araft before. Actually, she ever built something. Therefore, she needs someone’s help, so she went to find Şeri. “How big a raft must be?”,Yoyo asked Şeri. She scratched her head. “Iıııı”, she said, Infact, I have no idea.”. She thought a minute, then “Okey, a raft should be big enough Nana’s fit.”.
  • They went to Nana’s house and Şeri said Nana to lie down on the surface. She said “Measure him!”. Yoyo sit and measured carefully Nana’s knees and hands one by one. She found that Nana was 4 hands wide and 6 hands long. She carefully wrote results, becausethe raft should be big for Nana’s fit.
  • Yoyo hid the records in her pocket and went to find Antonio because Antonio is famous in the forest tobuild a house. Yoyo thought that he can help to her and built a raft for Nana.“The raft should be 4 hands wide and 6 hands long for Nana” Yoyo said.
  • Antonio feels excited,then he measured 4 hands wide and 6 hands long. He did not sleep in order tobuild the raft for Nana.
  • When Yoyo saw the raft,she shocked. It was too big. It looked huge for Nana, it never suitable forher. “Why is the raft to big?” she asked, her hands were shaking. She thought and thought…
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