Updated: 4/5/2021

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • oh no gravity guy is back
  • ready to have your world turned upside down
  • what have you done gravity boy
  • I have made all the houses float of course and what are you going to about it magnet boy?
  • what I am I supposed to do about this its not like the houses have a little bit of metal in them wait there is!
  • Gravity boy is back what is he going to do this time?
  • wait there is metal in the houses
  • Gravity boy has made all the houses, buildings and people float expect for himself.
  • He thought about how he could use his powers to prevent things from becoming worse. Then he realized that there is a tiny bit of metal in most of the houses so he can bring the houses down.
  • Magnet guy tested his theory with a single house when it worked he made a plan on how to catch gravity boy
  • Magnet guy noticed that gravity boy had a chain around his neck and magnet guy used his powers to prepell gravity boy into jail.
  • After gravity boy was caught he made everything that floated back to normal and everyone rejoiced