Cami Anderson "Tell Tale Hearts"
Updated: 11/6/2020
Cami Anderson "Tell Tale Hearts"

Storyboard Text

  • "The Tell Tale Hearts" by Edgar Allan PoeExpositionThe Characters of this story is The narrator and the man.the setting is the mans house.The Narrator does not like the mans eye.
  • Rising actionOver the next eight days the narrator plots killing the old man to get rid of the "eye". Each night he enters the old man's room with a lantern until he sees the eye.
  • the body is under the floorboards.
  • ClimaxThe climax is when the narrator kills the man, the narrator hides the body under his bed.
  • falling actionThe falling action is when the narrator hearts the man's heart beating, during this the police officers were talking to the narrator.
  • resolution the narrator tells himself that the heart beat is fake. He finds guilt in him self, he decides that he needs to confess everything, the narrator tells them where the body parts are,, and confesses everything.
  • symbolismthe eye is symbolism that the narrator cant except/take it.