Broken Blade Ayden Krone hour 4
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade Ayden Krone hour 4

Storyboard Text

  • Pierre's Dads hand got cut when he was chopping wood when Pierre had to chop the wood. The next day when Pierre was going to school he became a voyager. Then he went home and his parents found out. then the next day he set sailing.
  • When they set sail they first stopped at the church to do there prayers and wish for good luck. His hands and muscles are aching. He is feeling kind of home sick but not at the same time. He is getting along with most of his crew members except Beloit.
  • When the day started off the day it was going fine but when they hit the rapids they decided to run the rapids. And when they did that something bad happened. Lo Lande fell out. Then they went looking for him but did not find him and he was dead.
  • When they started to cross Lake Superior it was fine. But then it started to rain hard. And then the canoe started to fill up with water. So they decided to go to shore and stay for the night and the next day.
  • When they got there they were happy to see the trading post. That meant they were half way done with the trip. And the Rendezvous were fun for Pierre because he has never ben to one before.
  • When Pierre got home he heard hi dad chopping wood. Then Pierre surprised his dad. I think Pierre is going to join again and not go school.