The lost colony

Updated: 9/9/2021
The lost colony

Storyboard Text

  • The colony merges with the Croatoan because of a drought.
  • The colonist set sail for England and were shipwrecked
  • They were attacked by native Americans.
  • I believe that this theory is probable because... There is historical evidence that shows a drought took place and the settlers were very new to the land so, merging with the tribe would have been much better the dying from starvation, also some of the natives have inherited some European features, and some of the dialects have 16th English words.
  • I believe that this theory is probable because...They could have been tired of living in the "new world" so they set sail for England but got caught in a storm and drowned.
  • I believe that this theory is probable because...There was another chief in the area that bragged about killing lots of colonizers, and since they had been left by their leader that could have left them vulnerable to attack, and the craving were a way to identify their killers.