The Wardog

Updated: 5/17/2021
The Wardog

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  • It started with Jupiter's Collapse. An untested weapon prototype had been fired at the gas giant, despite warnings that those responsible would be fired upon for attacking what colonies had managed to scratch out a living there. The colonists were mostly mechanics, making sure the machines did their jobs with minimal issue, collecting the necessary fuels for humanities’ starships.
  • At this point, most of earth's population had gone off-world, either living and working the Starships, or living in bio domes constructed on Mars, Jupiter or the Moon. At most there was maybe 8% of earth's population still planetside. Much of the planet's governing bodies had been either absorbed or unified by a group called Ashen Light.
  •  They quickly became very powerful politically, and shortly after absorbing Asia and most of Europe into its sphere of control, began advancing its military to the forefront of available technologies, and then beyond. They became the leader of genetic sciences, exploratory technology, and even powering our cities. Eventually, only a few holdouts kept their power, Japan, Australia, and parts of South America and Africa. Then Ashen Light began it's military campaigns.
  •  They were brutally efficient, not one campaign lasting more than 4 days, and the only ones who managed that were the Japanese, having had just the slightest edge over A.L. technology wise. Then we were brought into the game. The Ashen Light called us GMRU's. Genetically Modified Ruin Unit's. Our enemy, I learned later, gave us a moniker. Hellhounds, then later, Wardogs. The name stuck. It was officially changed a week after the Ten Day War. A destruction of four countries, in ten days, the only true resistance that was ever really put before Ashen Light's power.
  •  Shortly after that, about 8 centuries, give or take, we managed to colonize mars. Throughout that time, humanity began to noticeably change, or rather, some of it did. Roughly half of the civilian/politician population began to develop large quantities of fast twitch muscles, helping mainly the office workers, paper-pushers, secretaries and such like as most of the development was concentrated in the upper body, usually shoulders, arms and hands. The rest of the population began developing an imbalance of slow twitch and fast twitch muscles, generally leaning more on the slow twitch, often found in those who did more laborious work, i.e. logging, metalworking, and construction. Both populations also gained better memory retention, as instruction in many new fields of work required heavier, more intricate schooling than most would expect.
  •  These developments were slow however, and didn’t fully set in till after another six centuries. Jupiter was finally colonized during that time, though this was mainly for collecting the gases in its atmosphere, as they'd been found to be a surprisingly efficient fuel for a majority of the new starships we used to travel back and forth across our solar system.
  •  50 years later, Jupiter was destroyed. The Wardogs were sent to put down those who'd launched the unfinished weapon. The civil war didn't last long. Shortly after, it was discovered that the Wardogs had a severe limitation. Enhanced as we were, we needed more and cleaner oxygen. At most we'd last a week on Earth at the time. But now I've spoken too much, and without revealing who l am. My name is Zaphiel Domidya, the fifteenth clone of the original, and I am the commander of the last Wardog battalion of the current war. It's been 3500 earth years since the collapse of Jupiter, 2400 years since first contact with another sentient race. Since then, humanity has played an integral part in nearly twelve galactic and intergalactic wars.