Science Story Board-Louis
Updated: 10/23/2020
Science Story Board-Louis

Storyboard Description

Louis is at a concert and someone throws a flower on stage and then he breathes in and out and the co2 goes to the flower that he keeps and then he breathes in the o2 it gives off.

Storyboard Text

  • My hero is Louis Tomlinson, he performed his first solo concert 9 March 2020 in Barcelona. During that concert, he breathed out Carbon Dioxide while doing both Anaerobic and Aerobic Respiration.
  • During the concert, he threw a Sunflower out into the audience and I caught it!
  • The sunflower gets its energy and food from the process called Photosynthesis where chloroplasts in the cells took in the energy from the sun and stored glucose, and it took in Louis' Carbon Dioxide, and it gave off oxygen that I breathed in.
  • So I decided to plant it so It can grow in my yard.
  • I took the sunflower seeds and ate them. When I ate them, my body used the sugar from the seeds and reacted with water,carbon dioxide, and ATP to go through the process called Aerobic Respiration. This process takes place in the cells' mitochondria. 
  • I then made some bread because I was hungry, and sunflower seeds wasn't enough energy for my body. So I made bread with some yeast. When you make bread, yeast goes through a process called Fermentation where the yeast gives off Carbon Dioxide gas. The gas helps the bread to rise by forming bubbles in the bread.
  • Then I went to bed so my body can rest, and very happy because Louis' show was the best :)
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