Updated: 4/2/2020
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story board activity due on friday

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  • jury your job is to help the judge with the verdict this is a criminal case about committing a robbery on a store.
  • my opening statement is that i did not do such a thing as robbing a store i just had to hurry and catch my taxi
  • opening statement please
  • my opening statment is that i saw this person running out of a store suppicously like she did something illegally
  • the store clerk had told me sometimes the alarm bugs out it goes off and i had a taxi to catch so i ran out of the store so i could catch my taxi
  • state your evidence
  • i saw her run out of the store and looked both ways looking like she was trying to make sure nobody had seen her
  • who do you think so far is guilty and who is innocent
  • everybody that's included in the jury has took time to think about who they think is innocent and they think that the girl is innocent no matter what the other guy says.
  • my closing statements is that i didn't do such a thing as shop lift and he is a liar
  • closing statements
  • my ending/closing statements is that she is a theif and shopped lift and she should go to jail.
  • what my verdict (decision) is by help of the jury i had decided that the girl is innocent.
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