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Doodle´s POV
Updated: 10/9/2020
Doodle´s POV
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  • Don't worry! He will live, i'm sure of it.
  • Before I'll help you down from the loft, you're going to have to touch it.
  • This was when I, William "Doodle" Armstrong, was born. I was born small, red, and shrivled up. I didn't understand then, but Mom, Dad, and Brother thought I wouldn't survive, exect my Aunt Nicey, who delivered me.
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  • At this point in time, Brother took me to our barn loft to show me the casket they had built for me when they thought I would die. An owl was in the casket, which flew out when he forced me to touch it. That and the thought of my casket brought me to tears.
  • Brother taught me how to walk in secret, which took weeks. This was the first time we revealed to the rest of our family that I could walk. Aunt Nicey and Dad were shocked, as I was previously paralyzed, and Mom, and strangely Brother, were on the verge of tears.
  • After being taught to walk, Brother and I learned to lie. My lies were all about people who had wings and could go anywhere they wanted, and my favorite was about a boy named Peter and his peacock. When ready to go to sleep, he is engulfed in a peacock feathered cocoon.
  • This is where I burried a Scarelt Ibis that died in our backyard. Seeing it made me very upset, and I decided it needed a proper burial.
  • This is my last moment on Earth, as I slowly start to slip away, bleeding from the mouth while my brother runs away faster and faster. This is likely caused by overexertion and my weak heart, but maybe I will finally be able to spread my wings and fly now...
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