of mice and men
Updated: 3/12/2020
of mice and men

Storyboard Text

  • At the beginning of Chapter 1, we are introduced to George and Lennie
  • We'll own a farm and live off the fatta' the land
  • Chapter 1: Salinas Valley
  • And we'll own rabbits
  • At the end of Chapter 1, George shows how much he cares for lennie
  • Look Lennie, I want you to stay, your my friend
  • Chapter 3:Bad Times
  • In the beginning of Chapter 2, we meet Candy and he tells us about the place
  • The boss is racist, his son likes to fight, his wife's not treated like a human being plus she's a tart, we beat up the black guy and call him slurs and everyone is pretty stubborn but it's a nice place
  • Chapter 2:The Bunkhouse
  • At the end of Chapter 2, Slim, a well respected man, gives the first positive thoughts on George and Lennie's friendship
  • It's nice that you look out for that guy, you and him goin' around together
  • At the beginning of Chapter 3, Carlson kills Candy's for being old and worthless. This is just the first of many bad things to happen
  • I'll put him out of his misery
  • At the end of Chapter 3, Curley gets in a fight with Lennie and Lennie breaks Curley's hand
  • Hit him!