The Tale of Astreus and Deus
Updated: 5/30/2020
The Tale of Astreus and Deus
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  • Astreus challenged Deus to a swimming contest, winner gets all of the losers property and money.
  • Astreus was well known for being the greatest swimmer of all time, winning every single race. Nobody could even think of measuring up to his capabilities in swimming.
  • Deus on the other hand was a mastermind of shady trickery, willing to go great lengths to win any contest. He'd even kill a man to win a contest with a prize pool of something so measly as a penny. No cost too big, no payout too small he always said.
  • The race is about to commence. Unknowingly to Astreus, Deus secretly put his own pet, Marthox the man-eating Kraken, into the water. Since the Kraken would obey Deus, he was safe. As for Astreus.....
  • The beast took hold of Astreus, Deus promised he wouldn't end up as Kraken food as long as he admits Deus is the victor, and gives him all of the property and money promised. Fearing for his life, Astreus reluctantly agreed.
  • After Deus reaped his unfairly gotten rewards, he showed no mercy to Astreus. He had Marthox drag him all the way to the Sahara Desert, where he was to be there to slowly die. After all, Deus can't have anyone know of his shady deals.
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