Social studies Covid-19 advice
Updated: 5/1/2020
Social studies Covid-19 advice

Storyboard Text

  • Stressed in the house
  • I'm feeling stressed in my house doing so much work!
  • There is so much classwork to do for each of my classes. What does the Dao De Jing say?
  • Working on his Yin and Yang
  • Daoism tells me to clear my mind. I'm going to take a walk outside and keep it simple and do some Tai chi to balance my yin and my yang
  • Mind is clear and doing his HW
  • My Mind is clear and I'm able to re-do my social studies HW.
  • Daniel is stressed about all the homework that teachers are assigning him. He feels like too much work but not enough time.
  • Many Daoist worship spirits and important figuresDouist monks and nuns meditate as a way to follow the DaoDaoist learn tai chi to balance their yin and yang
  • The teaching of Daoism has helped him regain his focus and finish his work.