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Tenach work 1
Updated: 5/6/2020
Tenach work 1
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  • The jews are getting too strong!!
  • Moshe
  • The Brothers of Joseph moved to Egypt to be with him as he was 2nd in command. The Jewish nation grew bigger and bigger and eventually bigger than the Egyptians. The new Pharaoh became worried that they were mightier than them and wanted to destroy the Jews.
  • Moshes is appointed Jewish Leader
  • Pharaoh tried to destroy the jews by making them become slaves and for all new born males to be thrown into the river nile and be killed.
  • The 10 plagues
  • NO!
  • Moshe is born 3 months early and the Egyptian army don't know about it so Jocheved could raise him for a bit. But when the army found out she was forced for Miriam to put him in the water and follow him. He was floated all the way to the palace where Pharoahs daughter takes him and hires Jocheved to take care of him.
  • The Exodus
  • Moshe comes upon a burning bush when trying to catch a sheep and is met with god telling him that he is going to be the jewish leader.
  • Moshe asked Pharoah to let The jews go but he refused every time and every time he refused the Egyptians were hit with a plague: 1.blood 2.frogs 3.lice 4.flies 5.cattle dead 6.boils 7.hail 8.locust 9.darkness 10.death of firstborn
  • let my people go!
  • Following Pharaohs first born being killed, The jews leave Egypt and therefore many many generations on we have seder night remembering what our ancestors went through for us to be here.
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