The Fall of the House of Usher

Updated: 10/6/2021
The Fall of the House of Usher

Storyboard Text

  • The narrator receives a letter from his childhood friend, Roderick Usher, in which he invites the narrator to come and help as he is in a difficult situation in which he is very afflicted and is going through a tough mental illness. As a result, the narrator goes in horseback and experiences the dark feeling of the house and the creepy atmosphere
  • THE narrator meets Roderick and perceives his pale and miserable aspect. Roderick also talks to the narrator about his condition and his superstitions with the house, along with Lady Madeline's illness. The narrator actually sees Lady Madeline once but some time after is told that she has died according to Roderick. They end up putting her in a coffin inside a vault on one of the mansion's walls near the narrator's room.
  • Time passes by and Roderick's symptoms with his mental illness begin to intensify after his twin sister's "death". The narrator also begins to notice similar experiences with uneasiness around the house and its atmosphere. One night the narrator wakes up without being able to sleep and with the tumultuous sounds of a severe thunderstorm happening outside. they realize this with Roderick and as a result, he begins to get tense but the narrator helps by reading a book. When reading, they begin to hear noises from the storm and downstairs, This creates a sudden panic in Roderick
  • The narrator and Usher continue to hear the strong and disturbing noises as Usher outright panics claiming its Lady Madeline who was alive inside her coffin trying to get out. Suher is right, and Lady Madeline eventually breaks out of her coffin and begins making her way to the room where the narrator and Roderick Usher are.
  • Lady Madeline shows up with her clothes damaged and stained with blood. Her face seems half-dead as a result of her struggle from getting out and her illness. she then collapses onto Usher which eventually ends up killing him of panic (fear). the narrator witnesses this and begin to make his way out of the house.
  • The story finally ends with the narrator fleeing from the mansion and witnesses how it the fissure on the house widens and ends up annihilating the house.