6 major animal Phyla
Updated: 3/31/2020
6 major animal Phyla
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  • porifera
  • Sponges i can't upload my own images on the thing i'm using
  • We filter water and we are multicellular
  • cnidaria
  • We have cells for catching prey only and we Cnidaria have no organs like hearts or lungs. We have an internal cavity used for respiration and a gastrovascular cavity
  • echinodermata
  • sea stars
  • we have bilateral and radial symmetry and we are only marine animals but we don't live in freshwater
  • chordata
  • We have a notocord that develops into a spine and we and we all have a tubular nerve cord
  • mollusca
  • we are covered by a mantle and we can be divided into 3 different regions
  • arthropoda
  • we were the first known land animals and we have a endoskeleton
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