Canada Man pt. 2
Updated: 12/17/2020
Canada Man pt. 2

Storyboard Text

  • He did not excuse himself, he just left! The audacity!
  • Sir...
  • Say, where could the restroom be?
  • It seems he does have a little bit of etiquette.
  • Oh how kind! I really appreciate it.
  • Thank you very much for meeting up, I will pay for both of us.
  • I take back my statement. He has no Canadian currency!
  • Don't worry about it, I'll cover it, its okay!
  • Oh no! It seems they don't take Japanese yen, darn!
  • Thanks again! Let's keep in touch!
  • Definitely! We'll set up another time and place!
  • What a disrespectful guest! I hope I never see him again, that was an awful meeting!
  • Seriously, he needs to know our business culture if he wants to chat.
  • The end
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