Updated: 11/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The Wrath of Grendel
  • Give me your lunch money!! BOTH OF YALL!!
  • Please leave us alone
  • We haven't done anything to you
  • we need help
  • The Coming of Beowulf
  • I've heard about the bully around here, and I came to help.
  • Great! We've been needing help.
  • The Battle With Grendel
  • Not so big and bad now
  • I've been hearing about all the bad things you've done here , and I've come to end it.
  • I will never harm anyone in this place again
  • I'm sorry
  • In this depiction of The Wrath of Grendel , the big "bully" represents Grendel, the kids threatened are Hrothgar's men, and the girl in the back is Hrothgar. The Bully is trying to harm the kids, while the girl in the back makes a realization that the school needs someone to protect them from the bully. This represents how Grendel kept on killing Hrothgar's men, leading him to a desperate state of helplessness.
  • Now in this depiction of The Coming of Beowulf, the adult represents Beowulf, while the little girl represents Hrothgar. After hearing about the bully and all the havoc he's caused, the man decides to come and help the little girl and her school from the bully. The little girl is delighted to hear this for she has been hoping for help. This represents how Beowulf came to help Hrothgar from Grendel.
  • Finally, in this depiction of The Battle With Grendel , the adult still represents Beowulf, while the bully represents Grendel. When the man finally decides to confront the bully about his wrongdoings and put an end it, the bully realizes he has no power against the adult,. This leaves the boy sorry for what he has done, promising he wouldn't do it again. This represents how Beowulf came and defeated Grendel, leaving him unable to ever harm any of Hrothgar's men ever again.