USS Constitution VS HMS Java
Updated: 2/14/2020
USS Constitution VS HMS Java

Storyboard Text

  • Board their ship! And take any survivors!
  • The battle begun when the USS Constitution saw the sails of the java over the horizon, they engaged at 2:00 AM and at first it was a long range artillery battle.
  • Hands up or else!
  • After about an hour they were close enough to start shooting their rifles at each other and one of the sailors on the Constitution got a lucky shot on the captain of the Java.
  • The Java is worth nothing to us lets sink it!!
  • It was at this point where the Constitution was getting ready to board the Java and find any sailors that could be alive, and make sure that the captain was dead.
  • The Constitution sailors boarded the Java and found Royal Navy officers and the captain laying dead on the floor.
  • The people of the Constitution decided to sink the Java because it had too much damage and bullet holes.
  • The sailors of the Constitution burned the ship and it sunk after a hour or two, the Constitution sailed away in the sunset.