RIkki TIkki tavi
Updated: 2/16/2021
RIkki TIkki tavi

Storyboard Text

  • Help!!
  • Rikki Tikki Tavi gets washed out of his burrow from a flood.
  • Rikki explored the garden and ran into two fierce cobras, Nag and Nagaina. Rikki ends up dodging Nagaina's bite and biting her instead.
  • Rikki kills Karait, a very underestimated snake whose bite is as vicious as cobras'. Right before the snake could attack the young boy.
  • Nag sneaks into the bathroom and Rikki Tikki Tavi attacks him due to all the noise the father wakes up and shoots Nag while Rikki is still attacking.
  • Nagaina morns over Nag's death while protecting her egg nest.