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Updated: 9/15/2020
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  • Nooooo!!!
  • Will I learn to love him?
  • I now pronounce you husband and wife.
  • I will take you to the the horizon.
  • Jody my savior.
  • Well you look way more older than me.
  • Hahaha your getting old.
  • You were really mean to me and treated me horrible
  • Free at last.
  • It is springtime in the afternoon, and Janie was sitting under a blossoming pear tree, deeply moved by the images of fertile springtime. Caught up in the atmosphere of her budding sexuality, she kisses a local boy named Johnny Taylor. Nanny catches Janie with Johnny and marries her off to Logan Killicks, a much older man. Janie opposes the marriage because she is afraid that she will never love him, but Nanny tells her it is for her protection.
  • I will teach you.
  • I don't know how to play.
  • After Janie and Logan fighting back and forth and after being in a loveless marriage, Janie decides to leave Logan, taking upon Joe's offer of a better life and runs away with him and marries him.
  • Ouch!!! it bit me
  • Please put the gun down I don't want to hurt you.
  • Joe treats Janie like an ornament of his wealth, not letting her go out, always making her work in the store, and wear a headscarf. One day in the store, he insults her appearance; Janie rips him to shreds in front of the townspeople, telling them how ugly he is. Then he savagely beats her. Their marriage breaks down, and Jody gets sick. After months without interacting, Janie visits him on his deathbed. Refusing to be silenced, she once again scolds him for the way that he treated her. While she rebukes him, he dies. She feels finally feels free and removes her headscarf.
  • I have been to the horizon and back.
  • Everyone in town has gone to a baseball game when Tea Cake arrives at Janie's store. He discovers that he has come to the wrong town for the baseball game, but he stays to visit Janie. He invites her to play checkers and is astounded when she tells him that she doesn't know the game. He teaches her how to play. This being the start of Janie and Tea Cake's love story.
  • Terrible hurricane bursts into the Everglades, and the married couple, Janie and Tea Cake, desperately flee the rising waters; a rabid dog bites Tea Cake. Three weeks later, he falls ill. During rabies, he starts to hallucinate and begins to think that Janie is cheating on him. So, He starts firing a pistol at her, and Janie is forced to kill him to save her life.
  • I know your cheating on me.
  • Finally, Janie returns to Eatonville, and her former neighbors are ready to gossip maliciously about her circumstances, assuming that Tea Cake has dumped her and taken her money. Janie concludes her story to Pheoby, who is very impressed by Janie's experiences. In conclusion, Janie feels one with Tea Cake and at peace with herself.
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