Scientific revolution storyboard
Updated: 1/24/2020
Scientific revolution storyboard
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  • I wonder who all will be at this scientific convention.
  • I hope I get to see marie Curie
  • I discovered elements through experiments. This discovery impacts the future by showing that elements are responsible for heat.
  • Hi, my name is robert boyle
  • Hello, my name is sir isaac Newton, I discovered gravity and natural laws. This invention helped shape all understanding of the earth.
  • well the pleasure is mine, sir pasteur. Because of you I can drink my beloved milk. you are really saving millions with this discovery.
  • Hi sir, I'm Marie Curie
  • Wow, Marie a pleasure meeting you, your radioactive elements are quite impressive
  • Omg It's Marie Curie! Be cool
  • Hi Marie, It so great to finally meet you. How are you?
  • I'm great mister Boyle, It's an honor finally meeting the one that discovered elements. 
  • Sir Isaac Newton, the man that found gravity from an apple
  • Not at the moment but we will see. You have a fantastic evening sir!
  • Will do sir
  • And Mister Milk man. Im a pleasure to meet you. Been trying an new experiments.
  • Tonight was fun! Hope we can do it again some time
  • We would all love to get to together again! See y'all later, Bye!
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