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Updated: 3/16/2020
Andrew Jackson Project

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  • Max SandovalPeriod
  • I think that Andrew Jackson dosen't deserve to be on the $20 bill because of how he used the Jacksonian Democracy , Spoil System, Indian Removal Policy, War on National Bank, and Economic decisons.
  • The Jacksonian Democracy was a movement that was supposed to give greater rights to the common white man. Mr.Jackson wanted to give the lesser white man a better chance than a wealthier white man. The Jacksonian Democracy dosen't mkae him worthy of being in the $20 bill because he only had good intentions for white men not the whole nation.
  • There's also the Spoil System. The spoil system is when a political party is rewarded with governmental jobs after their party wins. Andrew Jackson used and defended this syetm after he won the election. The Spoil System dosen't make him worthy of being on the $20 bill because of how he took the jobs that hardworking people deserved and just gave it to his political party servants.
  • The Indian Removal Policy was another reason why President Jackson doesn't deserve to be on the $20 bill. The Indian Removal Policy was supposed to be a compromise between the natives and Andrew Jackson. The natives would trade their land for new land in the plains. Andrew Jackson either let them leave voluntarily or forcefully removed them from their land. This doesn't make him worthy of being on the $20 bill because he only wanted them off of their land as fast as possible and wouldn't hesitate to kill them if they were going to slow or were rebelling.
  • States' Rights are the powers that the individual states have. The rights don't apply to the federal government. Andrew Jackson struggled to keep the Southern union away from the tariff on materials. South Carolina realised that it was their state rights to not oblige to the tariff. He then sided with the government to keep South Carolina part of the union. Andrew Jackson dosen't deserve to be on the $20 bill because of how he only sided with the government because of the problem that he caused.
  • The last reason why Andrew Jackson shouldn't be on the $20 bill is the war on the national bank. When the second national bank filed a bill for a renewal of the bank's charter President Jackson vetoed the bill. After the bill was vetoed, Nicholas Biddle made it harder for poor people to borrow money from the bank. Andrew Jackson creates state banks for lending money to the common folk. The war on the national bank doesn't make Andrew Jackson worthy of being on the $20 bill because after he established the state banks the country went into the Panic of 1837.