Pyramus and Thisbe
Updated: 2/8/2021
Pyramus and Thisbe

Storyboard Text

  • Here we go!!
  • Pyramus and Thisbe were a boy and girl who lived next door to each other. They loved each other very much, but their fathers did not approve. So they spoke through a tiny crack in the wall all day long.
  • I wish Pyramus was here.
  • One day, Pyramus and Thisbe decide to run off together. That night, Thisbe quietly sneaks out of her house to Ninus' tomb where they agreed to meet.
  • Thisbe got to Ninus' Tomb first and was sitting under mulberry tree when she saw a lioness. The lioness did not look happy and Thisbe got very scared.
  • Thisbe found a cave to hid from the Lioness in. But as she ran she left her red veil behind.
  • Pyramus came to the mulberry tree, and found Thisbe's red veil and lion paw prints. The story was too clear, so he took his dagger and stabbed himself.
  • Thisbe found enough courage to come out of the cave, to find Pyramus dead. She then took the dagger from him, and stabbed herself.