Updated: 3/9/2020
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  • Adaptation: An inherited trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce in it's environment. Here the octopus is camouflaged to blend in with its environment to avoid being eaten by the whale.
  • Species: A group of organisms that are closely related and can mate to product fertile offspring. Here are two parents with their offspring.
  • Variation: The occurance of hereditary or non hereditary differences between different individuals of a population.This illustration shows the yellow octopus at a disadvantage because he is easily spotted by a preditor that will eat him.
  • Selection/Fitness: The survival and reproductive output of an individual in a population. This is where survival of the fittest is shown. Meaning the better adapted and stronger species survive, while the weaker and smaller species don't. The stronger species will be able to reproduce.
  • Overproduction: When a plant or animal reproduces more offspring than the environment can support. Two octopuses are overproducing offspring some will survive and some won't.
  • Evolution: The process by which populations change over time.Here over time, the octopus population has grown and they are the preditors.
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