Updated: 12/21/2019
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  • Exposition
  • My dog is a good dog
  • Inciting incident
  • Rising action 1
  • My dog is a good dog, he will do any command I tell him to do. When he was a puppy I trained him to be good so he doesn't eat my shoes because they are over 100$.
  • Rising Action 2
  • My dog has escaped and he ran away and i thought he could hurt someone. I better run to get him since he is trained to attack and he could endanger someone if they try to touch him.
  • Climax
  • lets go home
  • I saw my dog from a distance, it seems that he is sleeping which is a good and a bad thing because if someone sits next to him he could get alarmed but the good thing is is hes asleep so he will be relaxed.
  • Falling Action Resolution
  • we are home
  • I found my dog now I have to call my dad to pick us up so we could head home. Thank god he didn't attack anyone. Oh my dad arrived lets go inside.
  • My puppy is calm now we can go home and rest. It has been a long day.
  • We finally got home now we can go to sleep since its getting dark. I have school tomorrow my dog is happy he is starting to bark let go to bed buddy.
  • Bark Bark Bark
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