fractured fairy tale
Updated: 3/20/2020
fractured fairy tale

Storyboard Text

  • Once upon a time there was a wolf who got a invatation to Grandma´s Tea Party.
  • Oh, of course I´ll go!
  • Wolf was walking up the path when he saw a girl in a red hood.
  • I wonder who that is.
  • Wolf introduced himself and he found out that the girl was named Red & that she was Grandma´s granddaughter.
  • Hi! I´m Wolf, what is your name?
  • I´m Red, nice to meet you..
  • Red and Wolf continued to walk and talk until they saw Grandma´s house in the distance.
  • Look! It´s Grandma´s house!!
  • Oh, your right!
  • When Red & Wolf got there they saw Grandma waiting on the porch.
  • Grandma!!
  • Red dear! How´ve you been?
  • They went inside and saw a beautiful set up of stuff. They all sat down and started to talk. When they wee done they said their good byes.
  • Really?!
  • That´s so cool!
  • You Betcha, I thought is was really funny.