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Cell theory storyboard by Tra'Daysha Jones
Updated: 10/20/2020
Cell theory storyboard by Tra'Daysha Jones
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Storyboard Description

storyboard to explain how 6 people was contributed to cell theory.

Storyboard Text

  • zacharias janseen contributed to the cell theory by making it easier to observe cells
  • Zacharias Janssen
  • Anton van leeuwenhoek
  • Anton also invented the miscope because he could see animalcules.
  • Robert hook was the first one to see cells , he actually discovered dead cells.
  • Matthias concluded that plants and animals has cells
  • Matthias schleiden
  • Theodor Schwann,
  • says that cells are the basic unit of life ,cells are organisms and all organisms consent of more than one cell.
  • Rudolf Virchow
  • was added to the third cell theory because he says that cells develop only for existing cells. He was the first to demonstrate that cells applied to dissed tissues and healthy tissues.
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