Updated: 2/9/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hamartia
  • Well? Here I am! You have me here in person and I have come to you so that I can find out what it is that gives you this pain.
  • Hubris
  • I will find the murderer! If you know anything tell me or else you will be exiled!
  • Peripeteia
  • Your father, Polybus, is dead
  • Oedipus' hamartia, or fatal flaw, was hubris. He was very arrogant when he talked to his people and though very highly of himself. This ultimately led to his downfall.
  • Anagnorisis
  • Oedipus has excessive pride, or hubris. He thinks very highly of himself and although he was a good king he was very prideful.
  • Nemisis
  • Do you take this woman to be your wife?
  • Oedipus' peripeteia, or reversal of fortune, is when the hearold comes to tell Oedipus that his father died. This ultimately led to Oedipus finding out about his past.
  • Catharsis
  • Have pity on me!
  • Oedipus' anagnorisis, or his recognition of his mistakes, is when he realizes he is the murderer of his father and he married his mother. When he rushed to Jocasta he finds that she has hug herself and he stabs his eyes out.
  • One of Oedipus' nemesis, or his fate that cannot be avoided, is when he marries Jocasta not knowing that she is his mother.
  • Oedipus experiences catharsis, or the audience's feeling of pity, when he is searching for pity from the crowd. But they all treat him like an outsider because that is what he told them to do to the murderer.