Comic strip (SA)
Updated: 12/22/2019
Comic strip (SA)
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  • HAHAHA!No child aliens are not real they are only in stories.
  • Mommy, can aliens come and kill us?
  • Why does every one laugh when I talk about aliens?They will come some day I know that!
  • Remember we are looking for a planet to live in! OUR PLANET IS DIEING!
  • Johny watched aliens movie with his mom, and now he has some scary thoughts about aliens.
  • The leader will be amazed of this!Our group will be the winner.
  • This is it! We are the group that found the perfect planet to live in.
  • He believed in aliens and he didn't like that people won't believe in aliens.
  • This is it! This is the planet that we can live in, there is different places with different colors. There is a blue liquid that isn't poisoned.
  • The aliens leader divided the aliens in groups of 3 to go and find another planet to live in, because their planet is dying.
  • This is it sir! We are here.
  • This is GREAT!
  • One of the groups found earth, but they landed in an empty space.
  • They presented to their leader about earth, and he wanted to go and visit it to make sure that it is good for them to live in.
  • Great, take me and the team there so we can test that planet before moving.
  • They landed on earth, and started to move around to look at every place there.
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