The Industrial Revolution
Updated: 12/19/2019
The Industrial Revolution
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  • Good Day, M'Lady.
  • Good day to you, Sir.
  • With this invention, We'll be able to rule over other Farmers easily!
  • In the beginning of the Industrial revolution, Towns were still small and farms were used with labor work instead of Machinery.
  • The farms were operated by farmers and their workers allowing common day items like cotton to be gathered and crops to be collected using hard physical labor.
  • Years after, Machinery was manufactured allowing many rich farmers to quickly grow and collect their crops easily with the use of machines like the cotton gin which quickly separated cotton from its seeds much faster than multiple people in a day.
  • The invention of Machinery used for farming and other common jobs like tailoring caused the growth of the small towns to slowly becoming much greater living areas.
  • As small towns grew into much bigger societies, their machinery as well as Factories were with them allowing the use of coal to power their contraptions with the drawback of causing Black Lung and the beginning of child labor as well as Farmers joining that work force from the loss of their farms.Pollution had also begun to be a problem.
  • By the end of the Industrial Revolution, Towns had become cities by the overwhelming population boom which had struck when many came for work, Factories had grown massive to produce much more to quickly produce for the massive amount of people, and the revolution of it had also caused the skies to darken from pollution made directly from factories working.
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