Transversal activity
Updated: 4/3/2021
Transversal activity

Storyboard Text

  • The other day I thoght, "what is a value for me?"
  • A value it's a personal cuality related to good and good habits.
  • By: Mauro Joaquín Lafuente Puña
  • Many people think that values are taught at home...
  • Punctuality
  • ...but I think that because of the time we spend at school, they instill them there.
  • Then I started thinkid at society...
  • People shut be more honest!
  • At that moment I realized that the main value in the family is UNITY.
  • Later come home...
  • Hello son! How are you?
  • Hey bro! How as your university day?
  • Hi son! I miss you so much!
  • The next day in my classes...
  • I'm very content because my teachers have the mains values. Emphaty, responsibility, punctuality, respect and fairness.
  • Hi guys!
  • I finally thought of myself and went my happy place.
  • I have five values, the most important for me: 1. Perseverance because for me the end doesn't exist. 2. Honesty: the truth is everything. 3. Daring: the comfort zone is terrible. 4. Originality: I always leave a personal mark. 5. Open-mindedness: humility and wisdom are essential on this value.