Science Storyboard 2
Updated: 3/12/2020
Science Storyboard 2

Storyboard Text

  • As Lia sat absorbed in the leaf, she began to get angry. She remembered what Collin had said about the water cycle. The water was being used by the flower, so she was forced to stay. A couple days passed when an animal approached and ate her leaf right off the flower.
  • What is the water cycle? Why are all of these changes happening?
  • I'm Cheeto. You need to relax. This is all part of the water cycle! I consume so much of you a day, but it all continues the cycle somehow!
  • Cheeto the Cheetah walked around the streets with Lia in her mouth. Lia was extremely concerned and frightened. Cheeto tried to explain to Lia that everything would be ok. When Cheeto exhaled, Lia when flying out into the sky.
  • My name is Lia. I mean no harm, please let me go!
  • Poor Lia was upset. She was so sad and she just wanted to return home! Being in the clouds reminded her of what Collin and Cheeto said. She realized that she was living her life the way she was supposed to. Eventually, she would return home. It started to snow and Lia fell to the ground and landed on an iceberg. She was now a glacier.
  • Lia had now changed her perspective on the water cycle. She was happy and excited for new adventures. When the glacier melted, it filtered through the soil. She was now groundwater.
  • LIa was very tired after her long day. She rested in the groundwater. She was very happy that her day was over, but she was excited for the next day.
  • Lia sat as groundwater for the rest of the night. Lia now understood the water cycle.