My Belief

Updated: 9/13/2021
My Belief

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  • Sylvie have u seen mom?, I need to ask her some questions to complete my assignment.
  • ok thanks!
  • Yes Zuzie, I saw her outside
  • Mom I have a Question, Why do we hang lemons and chilis at the door?
  • sure mom!
  • Oh hi Zuzie, why don't we discuss this in the dining room with everyone.
  • Honey why don't you go call your sister it would be nice if she knew?
  • OK mom!!
  • Sylvie! Come down mom is about to explain our culture and beliefs to us.
  • Coming!
  • In our country, India we believe that hanging lemons and chilis at the door makes the evil spirits stay away from us.
  • Really mom, are there any more beliefs like these?
  • THANK YOU EVERYONE!!That really helped me
  • Yes Sylvie, China has a lucky cat and in Indonesia has a hand painted mask