broken blade by Yadani Itana
Updated: 3/3/2020
broken blade by Yadani Itana

Storyboard Text

  • Pierre decides to be a voyageur instead of his dad. his dad chopped off his thumb, because pierre was to lazy to do his work,so his dad did instead. Pierre left behind his family and school.
  • Pierre is struggling to keep up with his brigade.Some of them help him, like Lalonde with his blisters which are really painful. Pierre is homesick after eating salt pork everyday, and sleeping on the floor! But he has to in order to get through paddling.
  • They struggle in the rapids and soon there boat gets stuck on a rock! So la londe decides to get on the rock and push it out, but he looses footing and falls, no where to be found. They have a word to honor him.
  • When they where on Lake Superior,they hear crack in the middle of their boat.They get caught on a double crest.Water starts to rise up all the way to pierres moccasins.
  • When they get to the Grand Portage Mukwa invites them to a feast. When they got there Pierre was happy to see real food compared to salt pork and corn. He enjoyed the big feast.
  • Pierre see's his dad for the first time since he left to be a voyageur. His dad is really surprised and happy. I think he is going to sign to go next spring, beause he already learned the skills of a voyageur.