NOS Part 2
Updated: 4/3/2021
NOS Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • I cannot find my cookie. Where can I look for clues?I have an idea! Let's see if there is a message saying what we should do. I'll go to the mailbox and see what I find. Maybe there is a letter that got left behind!I infer the cookie is somewhere safe inside!
  • He is observing the trail, wondering where it will go. Now that he is outside there is no way to know!
  • He found that the prints led him out to the grass, so he followed them out there and decided to pass. He looked all around and found no more clues, so he thought like a person asking "what should I do?"
  • He went to the mailbox to look for a letter, but when he got to it he found something better. He saw an invite to go to a dinner and ran back inside feeling like a winner.
  • Save for Dessert!
  • He realized investigating the cookie has taken a turn. Science is tentative is something he learned. He goes back inside to where he began, looking for new clues to hold in his hand.
  • He smelt something cooking and looked in the kitchen. He walked in the room and found more than chicken. There was a jar of cookies calling his name, but on the table there was a note. Is this some sort of game?
  • He applied the social and cultural context of the place, and realized that he must have dinner before putting cookies in front of his face.