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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/23/2020
Unknown Story
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  • "As your most glorified captain, I must inform you that I am bored. I shall take a group of 12 men and myself to explore the neighboring island! For food purposes of course."
  • The group of men wandered their way up to a cave which seemed to be someone's home. Once entering, the men asked Odysseus to leave. If only he let them then, this would have been a much happier story to tell.
  • They waited for what seemed like hours when they heard the sound of bleating. "Is that... a sheep" said Dorus just awakening from his nap. Sadly, while there were in fact sheep, that was not the face they were greeted with.
  • "Well well well. What would we have here? Would you be my dinner?" He chuckled at that and rolled the heavy boulder in front of the door. There would be no escape.
  • Odysseus had made a fatal error. While he came to the island expecting hospitality, he did not think that maybe cyclopes do not follow the same morals as Greeks. As he was thinking this, Polyphemus, as that was the cyclops' name, ate two of his men.
  • This went on for another day. The monster would eat two men, tend his sheep outside being very careful to roll the stone closed, and come back for his evening meal. They had lost 6 when Odysseus had had enough.
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