Triangular Trade
Updated: 3/11/2020
Triangular Trade

Storyboard Text

  • 13 colonies
  • europe
  • not enouf suply
  • we need help
  • america sends raw materials to europe
  • africa offering help
  • yes of course
  • we can help but we will require some compensation
  • europe makes those materials into things and sends them back to the colonies they also trade wheapons for gold from affrica
  • taking people to be slaves
  • europe has a high damand fro materials from 13 colonies so they need more work
  • slavery
  • dont slow down you will get hurt
  • africa offers workers to the 13 colonies in exchange for wheapons and other things
  • kings would take slaves whoo they said were prisioners and because they needed more weapon the laws that a person would break could be small but they woul still become a slave
  • take them
  • slaves had to work and were treated as proportie not people. inorder to get more raw materials to send to europe this prosses is Triangular Trade
  • im hungry and tired ive been so beaten