Updated: 3/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Emily! What are you doing?
  • I have this homework essay for Mrs.Turner on branding. I came to the library to gather up some info
  • So far ive learned that the meaning of branding has changed many times over the years! Now a days, its a
  • way for consumers to recognize specific manufactures! Its actually really interesting!
  • Alright then, stay safe and have fun! Love you!
  • Where are you heading sweetheart?
  • Im going into town to gather up more information on branding! Ill be home by dinner time!
  • Well branding is what keeps my customers coming back. To develop a brand is to develop an identity your costumers associate you with. I take pride in saying my identity and branding tactics are fairly successful!
  • Hi Mrs. Carla! I was hoping to bump into you! You own a flower shop, right? What can you tell me about branding in relation to your business?
  • Oh hey Emily! Well, lets take your shoes for example! Your wearing those super cool vans, but think about what type of shoes you were when you were little. Sketchers use to be the hottest thing, but they branded themselves to appeal to children, not that your grown, it doesn't appeal to you! Its all about branding!
  • Her Jeremy! I came here to ask you about branding for a school project! Tell me anything you can about it in relation o your clothes and shoes shop!
  • Well branding is a tricky subject. It changes constantly. Did you know, that sometimes companies have to re-brand? It takes a lot of effort but it is sometimes necessary so that a company doesn't loose money or go out of business!
  • Hey Ms.Jayla! Can you tell me what you know about branding. Its for a school assignment.
  • I wnated to talk to you about your branding essay you turned in. It was very informative, and I really enjoyed reading it!
  • That you Mrs. Turner! I had a lot of fun learning about branding and I cant wait to learn more in your class!