World Mythology and Religons- Iqbal Ahmadi
Updated: 12/1/2020
World Mythology and Religons- Iqbal Ahmadi

Storyboard Text

  • A day came where Odin "sacrificed himself to himself" by hanging on the world tree Yggdrasil for 9 days and nights. He hanged there without food or nourishment. From this he gained the secrets to existence.
  • It is time for me to hang here for 9 days and 9 nights and only then will I acheieve the secrets of existence.
  • After Odin had learned the secrets of existence he decided to go and have a challenge with one of the wisest giants. Whoever was the victor, took the others head. Odin won by asking the Giant a secret about existence that only Odin himself would know.
  • How can this be? I'm one of the wisest Giants around and I did not know the answer! You may now take my head.
  • You did not know the answer to my question. This makes me the victor and I will now take your head.
  • Odin had heard news that his son had got in to some trouble with a dead seeress. He traveled to the underworld to confront and consult this dead seeress on behalf of his son.
  • Oh Seeress! What has my son done that concerns you? Please tell me the problem .
  • Oh Odin! Your son has involved himself with me and now you must consult me on what he has done on his behalf.
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