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Updated: 3/11/2021
social studies project

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  • I am prince Sang Nila Utama
  • After the meeting, Sir Stamford Raffles returned to the Malay Archipelago and met Major William Farqhuar in Penang. They then set off to search for a suitable location at the southern end of the Straits of Melaka. Sir Stamford Raffles learnt that singapore used to be a successful trading port in the past. On 28 January 1819, Sir Stamford Raffles and Major Farquhar anchored off St. John's Island, which was to the south of Singapore. Sir Stamford Raffles was greeted by an Orang Laut, who informed him that the Temenggong of Johor lived on the island of Singapore. The orang laut also said that the Dutch were not on the island.
  • One day, he was going to set sail to find an island to find a suitable place to build a new city But suddenly, There was a heavy rain and Sang Nila Utama had to throw off all heavy goods and his crown so the boat can stay afloat. And soon, the sky got back to normal.
  • *throws crown in the sea*
  • I will name this place singapura (lion city)
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  • On 16 April 1818 Sir Stamford Raffles wrote a letter to Lord Francis Rawdon-Hastings He went to India to meet Lord Hastings, Lord Hastings gave his approval to look for a suitable location to set up a british trading pot.
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  • Sir Stamford Raffles quickly went to see the Temenggong. The temenggong , however, informed Sir Stamford Raffles that Singapore belonged to the sultan of johor. Sir Stamfod Raffles would need his permission to set up a British trading port on the island. Sultan Mahmud Shah of Johor had passed away a few years ago before Sir Stamford Raffles arrived in Singapore. He was survived by two sons. as the Sultan’s elder son, Tengku Hussein Shah, had been in another Malay state, he could not return in time for his father’s funeral. Thus, the sultan’s younger son, Tengku Abdul Rah,man, became the new Sultan Sir Stamford Raffles decided to reconcile Tengku Hussein shah as the sultan of Johor instead of Tengku Abdul Rahman. This would allow the British to set up a trading port in Singapore. When Tengku Hussein shah arrived in Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles informed him of his decision. Tengku hussein shah and the remenggong agreed, and Sir Stamford Rafflessan Tengku Hussein Shah signed the treaty on 6 February 1891
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