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13.2 Storyboard
Updated: 4/8/2019
13.2 Storyboard
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  • It seems like we are about to face a communist revolution like Russia
  • This new Treaty of Versailles is harsh and unfair.
  • I am Hitler and I can help you all! I am a supporter of Fascism and you all should be to!
  • This takes place in one of the streets of Germany. Citizens are reacting to the new, chaotic position Germany is in after the end of WWI.
  • The March on Rome brought attention to fascism. Adolf Hitler modeled himself and his party based upon Mussolini and attempted a March on Berlin. The scene takes place in one of the streets while Hitler is protesting about his views.
  • This resulted in the failed Beer Hall Putsch in Munich. Hitler was then arrested and put on trial and jailed for leading such an insurrection.
  • While being in jail, Hitler composed a book which contained a detailed description of his visions for Germany: Mein Kampf.
  • In 1933, liberal democracy was dissolved and the Nazis mobilized the country for war aiming to expand its territories. The Nazis also implemented laws that discriminated against minority groups like the Jews.
  • The fascist government was credited for bringing Germany out of the Great Depression. The Nazi party was able to attract a lot of people because of its claims to restore order and measure prosperity. The use of propaganda was a major tool in the encouragement and development of Nazi power.
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