The Exodus Story
Updated: 12/6/2019
The Exodus Story
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  • One day a Hebrew slave will rule.
  • I order the execution of all baby boy Hebrew newborns.
  • God has sent me a son and now I shall raise him as my own.
  • A Hebrew slave told me that you are not Egyptian but instead Hebrew. But do not worry your secret is protected.
  • I cannot stand by and let my people suffer if I am truly Hebrew I must suffer with them.
  • The old Pharaoh was told by a wise man that a Hebrew slave will rule. Pharaoh orders the death of all baby boy Hebrews to try and prevent a Hebrew to become ruler.
  • Get back to work slaves!
  • The old Pharaoh's daughter then discovers the basket floating down the river and raises the baby as her own. A baby boy of a Hebrew slave was put in a basket and sent down the river because of the old Pharaoh's execution orders.
  • Moses... you must go and free your people it is you destiny!
  • I shall go back to Egypt and free my people!
  • Nefertiri is told by a slave that Moses is a Hebrew and kills the slave to protect Moses. When Moses is informed he cannot stand by and watch his people suffer so he goes into slavery with them them.
  • Pharaoh I ask you to free my people as it is God's will.
  • I shall not free your people their lives are mine.
  • Moses decides to be with his people rather then be against his people so he joins them in slavery. Moses learns how much his people are suffering which makes him want to free them even more.
  • Moses wife told him that this is God's Mountain and that this is where he shall go to find God. Moses climbs the mountain and encounters a burning bush which God speaking to him through.
  • Moses seeks the new Pharaoh to demand his people be freed as it is God's will. The new Pharaoh declines as he thinks his God is superior and would never allow Moses God to free the slaves.
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