French Revolution 2
Updated: 6/15/2020
French Revolution 2
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  • Because France's economy was getting really bad, the price of bread rose. Bread was the main food for middle and low class citizens. When bread became more expensive, women started to riot. In October, the women held weapons and marched to Versailles in the rain. They broke into the Versailles palace, killing some guards, and demanded that Louis and Marie promised to return to Paris. A few hours later, the king and his family left Versailles and never returned ever again.The March of Versailles contributed to democracy because it showed a change of power from the king to the people.
  • 1789
  • The March of Versailles
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  • A series of events caused Louis XVI to lose all his power. He was tried for treason and was found guilty, so he got beheaded by a machine called a guillotine. After his execution, a Jacobin, or a memeber of a radical political organization, named Maximilien Robspierre slowly started gaining power. He eventually got the power to lead France as a dictator. He and his supporters wanted to make a "republic of virtue" to delete France's past.
  • 1793-1794
  • The Reign of Terror
  • Ha! I now have the power to control France.
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  • As leader, Robspierre ruled by Terror. He had "enemies" of the Revolution guillotined every day. In fact, thousands were executed for the smallest reasons. Because it was extremely easy to be found guilty for the slightest hint of opposition, some revolutionaries went as far as accusing people they disliked only for the reason of disliking them. Finally, several members of the National Convention (the new governing body) turned on Robespierre and demanded for him to be excecuted. The Reign of Terror ended when Robspierre was guillontied.The Reign of Terror did not contribute to democracy. However, when it ended, people stopped running the government in fear and introduced new ideas and reforms.
  • 1793-1794
  • I don't like you, so I'm going to accuse you of being apart of the church! You're going to be executed tomorrow.
  • The Reign of Terror
  • But I didn't even do anything wrong!!
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  • Napoleon Bonaparte was an officer who joined the army of the new government during the Revolution. When royalists rebels stormed into the National Convetion, Napoleon successfully defended the delegates. After that event plus a few other impressive acts, he became known as a famous hero in France. He was so praised that on November 1799, he drove out the national legislature, created his own consuls, and became leader. As leader, Napoleon kept many reforms of the Revolution and supported laws that both strenghtened the central government and achieved goals of the Revolution.
  • 1799-1815
  • The Rise of Napoleon
  • I support political reforms!
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  • Napoleon desired power and glory. On December 2, 1804, he crowned himself as the emperor of France, placing him higher than the Church. He also wanted to control the rest of Europe and put some of his power in the Americas. The soldiers of America put up a good fight, so he decided to focus all of his attention on Europe. Napoleon's military successes allowed him to conquer almost all of Europe, creating the biggest European empire since the Roman empire. His empire eventually fell in 1815 after a series of attacks by France's enemiesThe Rise of Napoleon contributed to democracy because Napoleon made many reforms in the government that supported the ideas of the Revolution.
  • 1799-1815
  • The Rise of Napoleon
  • I am now emperor of France.
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  • Overall, the French Revolution contributed to the development of democracy by introducing new ideas and reforms into the government. It forever changed the social and political structure of France.
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