Haitian Revolution
Updated: 1/12/2021
Haitian Revolution

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  • The American revolution happened in 1783 before the Haitian revolution, and this is what inspired the Haitian people in the first place.
  • This is Saint Domingue in the nation of Haiti, where the French were in control of the land and its trade.
  • On August 21, 1791, the black slaves in the northern plantations revolted against the plantation owners who they worked crops for.
  • The Gens de Couleur were free people of color who were mixed of African and European descent; these people were not enslaved, and one of them was named Toussaint L’Ouverture. He led the slave revolts in Saint Domingue in 1793
  • After L'Ouverture's imprisonment, the rest of the Haiti slaves population rebelled against the French with new leaders. When they escaped these plantations they would find their safe haven, which was called a Maroon and on November 18, 1803 they defeated them on the battle of Vertieres.
  • Haitian independence was declared in January 1804, and the nation was freed from French control. Dessalines was the governor for life and later on proclaimed himself as emperor.
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