Updated: 9/9/2021

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  • \Some of my favorite stories are by charles dickens
  • i look hideous
  • Miss honey
  • Matilda you brat
  • Matilda had learned read at the age of three she learnt to read by studying newspapers her parent's thought she was a nuisance and the only cared about there older son Mike her father sold second hand cars if the had gone a hundred miles or more he would youse his electric drill and saw dust to keep the engine going.
  • One day her father had ripped up her book and made her pay for it so she had put some his dark hair dye that he used and mixed it with some of her mother's extra strong blonde hair dye so her father had blonde . Matilda did many more tricks to get her father back for being mean.
  • Then came the time at school when she got so angry she found out about he telknese powers and make the evil headmistress five back her nieces house and salery.