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Updated: 2/19/2021
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  • The meaning of climate is a pattern of atmospheric or weather conditions.
  • Different climates in the past were volcanoes, ocean currents, and ice ages.
  • How geologists find out about past climates is through glaciers . Glaciers form from many years of accumulated snowfall. Ice cores are use to dig out glaciers with hollow drill bits. Then are use to examine the ice.
  • Milankovicth cycles are slight shifts in Earth's orbit. The gravitational pull of the sun makes earth's axis to wobble every 20,000 years. Causing the earth's climate to become colder or warmer.
  • Milankovicth Cycles
  • Volcanoes can cause global cooling. This means that volcanic ash and gases cover the atmosphere blocking sunlight from coming in.
  • Ocean currents are movement of water that travels around the globe. Depending on the current's temperature it can cause storms such as hurricanes.