Aqua Marine

Updated: 9/14/2020
Aqua Marine

Storyboard Text

  • Rein Rodgers was like any other ordinary girl until one day something unusual happened.
  • One day Reins anklet fell off into some slimy radioactive ooze.
  • OH NO, my anklet fell of Into that weird slime!
  • Ahhhh, who did this?!?
  • HAHA
  • Then Pyro the king of heat stated a house fire. But luckily rein was their to the rescue yet to discover her powers.
  • Hey You! Why did you start that fire?
  • Once Rein had put the fire out, Pyro made a run for it.
  • what was the water coming from my hand today? do i have powers?
  • When Rein got home she felt confused about why she had powers today and not yesterday or the day before.
  • Yesterday Rein was like any ordinary girl and now She has powers? this can't be right. Yesterday her anklet fell of in some radioactive slime is that it?
  • Ahha thats it!!