Coraline Hurdle 3 Story line
Updated: 5/17/2020
Coraline Hurdle 3 Story line

Storyboard Text

  • I'm going to the shops, do you want anything?
  • Like he gloves i wanted!
  • This is Coraline and her parents. They move into a new big old house.
  • Coraline finds her busy working parents very boring and doesn't like her fathers food he cooks.
  • Coraline realizes that her parents don't pay attention to her.
  • Before any of that happened, Coraline finds a door and discovers a old black key. With the black key, she opened the door and discovers the "other world".
  • In the "other world", the two people who look exactly like her real parents have buttoned eyes. Coraline loved it in the "other world". She wanted to stay there forever but when the other mother told Coraline and she ran away. The other mother and father took Coraline's real parents.
  • Coraline challenges the other mother to find the other children's eyes and to find her real parents. Coraline achieves and traps the other mother in the other world and frees her real mum and dad.