the stealer
Updated: 2/10/2021
the stealer

Storyboard Text

  • setting
  • I should head to earth.
  • conflict
  • What are you doing here
  • I am here to fight ha ha ha.
  • rising action
  • Once upon a time there was an angel called Water man he lived in heaven and a devil called Fire man he lived in hell. All of a sudden, it was time to look at the people that are good and bad. But in heaven it was cold so Waterman did want to head to Earth. So Waterman flied as fast as he could to Earth.
  • climax
  • When he head to earth he saw the devil Fire man. Water man didn't know what he was doing there in Earth. so he asked. Fire man wanted to fight. So they fought.
  • resolution
  • Waterman got so angry that he made the world rain. Fireman got so angry as well he made a head of him self. Waterman uses the rain to make go in Fireman is eyes.Fireman uses the big head to try and eat Waterman.
  • moral
  • do you want to win or lose
  • Waterman won the battle. Fireman is powers were no match for Waterman is powers. He was way to strong.
  • ow
  • Waterman uses his power to teleport Fireman back to his home. Fireman is home is hell. So he teleported Fireman back to hell. And then he lived happily ever after.
  • The moral of the story is: not to turn evil most good people win.