Fences Act 1 Storyboard

Updated: 3/23/2021
Fences Act 1 Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • You Heard About Brownie Hiding’ Dat Watermelon!
  • Hey Man, I Also Asked Mr. Rand About Being A Driver
  • Haha, You Wild!
  • Hell Yea! There’s No Sense For That!
  • Haha, Is That A Watermelon?
  • No, It’s Not Mr. Rand!
  • Why Aren’t There Any Blacks Drivers!?
  • Take It To The Commissioner Of The Union
  • You Know Me Bono! I Buy Drinks For All Of Them! Haha
  • You Right! Haha
  • Say Now! Why You Buying Drinks For That Alberta Gal!?
  • Where Cory!!?
  • That Boy Should Be Working Not Playing No Sports!
  • Come On, Just Let Him Play
  • Playing Football
  • You See That Bono!! Lyons Always Comin’ In Here, Hey Poppin’ Me!!
  • Hey Pops!!